Urban Manufactory Campus:
Modular Factory Housing and Trade School

CN Rail Building Renovation, Pointe-Ste-Charles, Montréal, PQ

A 100-year-old CN Rail factory is transformed into a 21st-century campus.

Program: Modular Housing Factory, Attached Trade School, and Related Public Program.

The project makes use of the large span truss structure of the old CN Rail factory, creating a series of large interconnected volumes that can host smaller modular units that may be inserted or removed to fullfill programmatic necessities. The central bay of the old factory becomes the central assembly space for both the student and production factory program. This assembly area is split, but connected by a bridge. This bridge forms the entry to the symbolic heart of the campus, underneath which is the main eating area for both workers and students.

The greenspace surrounding the buildings forms a rolling landscape that joins with the buildings to produce a green corridor on top of circulation spaces. The greenspace also creates informal separations between necessary boundaries between the working factory and more public areas

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